10-year old Sakeena is a fun-loving whiz kid who wants nothing more than to see her parents Layla and Amir get along again. Her parents’ constant arguing is kicked up a notch after their home is robbed by two dim-witted thieves, G-Slice and Mo-Money. When the family realize that the thieves stole their safe – which includes their entire life savings – it’s clear to Sakeena that her parents are one inch away from divorce.

Her Grandmother Susan, steps in and sends Amir and Layla to a marriage retreat where they encounter the wacky free spirited Baba Lova, and Sakeena believes that it’s up to her to get the safe back before her parents return. With the help of her digital assistant Keyfa, and armed with an arsenal of customized tech she developed, Sakeena launches a plan to track down the bad guys and get the safe back in order to keep her family together.